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The Barnesville-Bradfield Airport came into existence in 1969 as a result of the work and vision of the late Gibson and John Bradfield. The airport now features a category B-1 runway with a width of 65 feet and a length of 4,004 feet with future plans to obtain a category B-2 designation. This is the only publicly owned airport in Belmont County.


From the onset, the airport has been managed by the airport manager who tends to the day to day operation matters of the airport and provides the snow removal in the event of poor weather. Hanger spaces are available for lease for aircraft storage. The airport also offers fuel to pilots. 

Since 2001, the airport has seen a few major improvements to the facility with the financial grant assistance of the Federal Aviation Administration and the Ohio Department of Transportation Division of Aviation. Through the help of these agencies, the airport has prepared a layout plan for future development, installed a perimeter fence, completed drainage improvements, constructed a paved access road, provided an aircraft tie down area, acquired a few additional parcels of land for growth, provided runway crack repair and sealing, rehabilitated a concrete apron off the taxi way, upgraded vault room electrical components, purchased new snow removal equipment, and as part of the 2007 year improvements will be constructing an equipment storage and maintenance building. Total improvements of a little over 1.1 million dollars over the past 6 years have been realized. 

The Village of Barnesville is currently working with the Belmont County Commissioners to form a Regional Airport Authority to allow for continued operation and future growth of the airport.

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