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Waterline Repair Planned East Main St

The Barnesville Water Department is planning an emergency waterline repair on East Main Street that will affect 771 thru 875 East Main Street for Monday February 5th, 2024. The Water Department is hopeful that the repair can be made without turning off the water however want to hope for the best but plan for the worst. Residents and businesses may want to draw water for use in case the water system is isolated for repairs. If depressurization occurs then once repairs are completed and water restored there will be a 48 hour precautionary boil order for these addresses and for anyone experiencing a loss in pressure.

This boil advisory if necessary will remain in effect for 48 hours once water service is restored.  Water should be vigorously boiled for at least one minute prior to human consumption or dental hygiene use. Residents may also notice discoloration and should be cautious with laundry.

The Barnesville Water Department apologizes for any inconvenience that these water line repairs may create for their customers.

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